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An excellent higher education system

exciting opportunity to live and learn

Part time Work Allow

Pay Tuition Fee after visa

Registration €500 Only

Why Study in France

  • The quality of French higher education is widely recognised throughout the world
  • World’s 3rd leading host country for higher education
  • A country in the heart of Europe
  • Offers part-time job opportunities for students
  • Low fees than compared to the US, UK
  • Internships opportunities with top companies
  • Work permit opportunities for international students after internships
  • Accommodations help up to 40% to 50% by government
  • Low transportation expenses
  • Free French language courses by government
  • European Union Visa

Program offers

Diploma Program Bachelor Program Masters Program
Diploma in Business Finance BBS Bachelor in Business Studies MBS – Master in Business Studies
Diploma in Business Management BBA – Bachelor of Business Administration MBA – Master of Business Administration
Diploma in Business Planning Major – Business and Entrepreneurship MA – Master of Arts in Human Resource Management
Diploma in Business Marketing Major – Finance and Economics MA – Master of Arts in Marketing Management
Diploma in Executive Office Skills Major – Marketing and Management MS – Master of Science in Financial Management
Diploma in Personnel Skills Minor – Business Communication MS – Master of Science in Operations Management
Diploma in Valuing Workplace Diversity Minor – European Management Master in Business Communication
Diploma in Effective Communication Minor – International Management Master in Design Management
Diploma in Human Resources Minor – International Relations Master in e-Business
Diploma in Essential Book-keeping Minor – Sports Management Master in European Management
Diploma in Credit Control & Debt Management Minor – Tourism and Hospitality Management Master in Fashion Management
Diploma in Managing Stress Master in Global Banking and Financial Markets
Diploma in Conflict Management Master in International Management
Master in Sports Management
Master in Tourism and Hospitality Management

Undergraduate Programe: € 3600 Per acedemic Year

Graduate Programe: € 5500 Per acedemic Year

Postgraduate Programe: € 14000 Per acedemic Year

Diploma Programe: € 4000 Per acedemic Year