Slam-Dunk Argumentative Writing Prompts for Senior School English.

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Get teens thinking and typing…fast!

Arguing is exciting. Think courtroom dramas. If Law & Order can stay popular for twenty seasons, then how come argument writing sometimes fall a bit flat? I find them focus on five paragraph essays and unrelatable topics that we often limit students a bit by making. That’s why i love to make use of the following argumentative writing prompts in my own classroom.

What’s one thing you want was different about our school?

Write a letter to our principal, explaining what you would change if you were in charge and exactly why. Give specific examples to aid the necessity for your proposed change, since evidence always helps in terms of someone that is convincing try something new.

It would be a great addition to the curriculum we already offer if you could propose a new >Write a letter to the superintendent, proposing this new course or program and explaining, in detail, why.

The planet is highly divided from the issue of “screen time.” Whether or otherwise not kids in school should spend so time that is much their phones, iPads, and computers is a subject of plenty of debate. What do you believe? Take a stand about this issue. Provide examples from your life that is own and lives of your friends, to assist support your arguments for or against screen time in our lives.

Write an e-mail directed to our mayor, proposing a new event, public place, or resource that you think would help our community to thrive. You imagine and why it would be good for the community as you describe your vision, be specific in explaining what.

Write to them, explaining why you’re feeling you might be right on an presssing issue that has been burdensome for you guys to agree with. Consider carefully your arguments carefully, providing clear and specific evidence for why you are feeling your opinion could be the best one.

Take a stand on a issue that is nationalgun violence, immigration, environmental control, civil rights, school funding, etc.) and write a letter to your editor associated with New York Times, explaining why you think what you believe. Give evidence from your life that is own and lives of others you have recognized to support your argument.

Propose a name for your generation and explain why it fits, giving examples that are specific real life to guide your idea.

Our school can just only hold a limited quantity of fundraisers every year. Propose a new one out of a letter to the educational school paper, that includes information about the fundraiser itself and what it would raise money for. Provide plenty of clear explanations why this would be an fundraiser that is important our school to aid.

What’s the >Classrooms all over world are beginning to look very different, and everyone’s got an opinion as to what types of learning environment is better. What do you consider? Write if you ask me, explaining the manner in which you would set our classroom up with a five hundred dollar budget so that it would best suit your learning needs. Be specific in describing the many elements of the classroom and exactly why they would be just best for your needs.

Should young k >The role of sports in kids’ lives has changed a complete lot in recent years. While kids used to try out outside using their friends, you can now find three year olds lining up for soccer practice. You think sports deserve most of the right time and effort they get? Consider your life that is own and lives of one’s friends and take a stand. Can it be a thing that is good kids’ sports are becoming so pervasive and competitive? Give examples that are specific support your argument.

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