Everyone can now, try to “take on the bandwagon” … “Teachers need not textbooks that draw the lessons of another praxis, but rigorous attempts in the light of other praxis , explore the foundations of them. ” Yes OK ! And also with their participation. Author: Jacques Levine Learn more
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20 – Discussions about regular free texts Patrice In BT and research CEL For teachers journal Education and Research> Knowledge of children> educational psychology techniques> Text free May 1976 CONTENTS I. Exchange between Alain Avesque – Christian Poslaniec – Jean Le Gal – Yves Rene Lacour and Laffitte “Who speaks in the BTR 3” or Patrice Laffitte and Rene? II Critical Profile proposed by H. Vriilon, about Patrice texts by Yves Lacour III Reactions Elert Nicole and Philippe Marchand IV Remarks on the analysis made by Rene Laffitte Yves Lacour V Educator and / or psychotherapist.

Alain Avesque VI direction of the school and free expression in elementary school by Dr. Levine Authors: Alain Avesque Christian Poslaniec, Jacques Levine, Jean Le Gal, Nicole Elert, Philippe Marchand, Rene Laffitte and Yves Lacour In know more

6 Results Correspondence, file In: Building archive Pedagogical Eastern edited by a Departmental Group to review teachers teaching Principles> Communication> correspondence in November 1966 Authors: Amedee Atge Bernard Sigrist Sigrist Genevieve Lucien Buessler Mariette and Nommay Yveline Anthony more List of printed school newspapers in the Haut-Rhin in: Building archive pedagogical Eastern edited by a Departmental Group to review teachers teaching Principles> communication> school newspaper in January 1968 Author: Daniel Dippert more Compilation exchanges on spelling Labarriere By Patrick 11/12/09 – 24:39 In: Grand West Region> GD 56 – Morbihan archive a French technical> reading-Writing French> spelling French teaching Principles> communication pedagogical principles> term -creation pedagogical principles> metho naturally I compiled the discussion that took place on spelling at the beginning of September 2009. Here below and attached, so it can be used. thank you for your feedback regarding the form of the compilation (this is my first “compilation part!”).

As it is a particular form of text, I used the chronological criteria. if there is need clarification http://www.homeworkmarket.me/
, I kept all posts … I can re-draw it. Cooperatively Patrick Add Comment Read more 10 attachments Congress printers In: Congress archive grade level> second degree The Breach CEL For teachers review instructional techniques> printing Pedagogical Principles> Communication> school newspaper in February 1975 THE CONGRESS OF PRINTERS The next page, as you can see, is not the same as those we had learned so far.

Authors: Jacques Brunet, Janie AUREJAC Michel Audoire and Roger Favry More We, biologists after all In: archive grade level> second degree The Breach CEL For teachers journal Science and Techno> Life Sciences and Earth Principles teaching> communication in February 1975 wE BIOLOGISTS AFTER ALL … well, we too are represented in the Second degree Freinet group. Author: Gisele Rossetti More Dialogue with a poet In: archive grade level> second degree> College The Breach CEL For teachers review French> Scripture-reading> literature French teaching Principles> Communication> correspondence in February 1975 Dialogue with a poet Of fourth all-new, highly conditioned …

I am looking for all possible motives for them to want or just the opportunity to express themselves. This letter to J.C. Fox is breached. Us of writing collectively. They manage to present it nicely with a glossy aluminum repelled.

We address at random by Casterman and wait. .. Author: Janou Lemery More
4 Results Untitled … By the School Aime Legall 01/01/18 – 11:46 In Creation, Expression The sky dazzles me but the water dazzles my heart. Candice second year of the cycle 3. Cycle Class 3 Candice 2017-2018 Read more …

For Peace School Aime Legall on 01/01/18 – 11:28 In Creation, Expression Peace is our friend. We met the white flag. She helped us make this world a better place.

She offered us a bouquet of lilies bringing happiness to our world. The dove came to say thank you … Thanks to whom? A peace … and Candice Jade, Cycle 3. Cycle Class 3 Jade Candice R. 2017-2018 More You are there … By the School Aime Legall 01/01/18 – 11:34 In Creation expression You are there.

You created me. You feed me. You raise me … You’re the one who made me blossom. I wanted to say THANK mom. Candice second year of the cycle 3. Cycle Class 3 Candice 2017-2018 More Two texts … By Candice School Aime Legall on 05/12/16 – 11:14 p.m. In Creation expression I am … I am a girl. I am a life. I am very full of life. I am free to make my own choices. I help people to recover or to try … I am full of love. I am a child, a child today.

Candice Cycle 3 2016-2017 school Aime Legall More
In: Teaching Building East edited by a Departmental Group For teachers review> Summary November 1982 Animation and Layout: Lucien Buessler Duplication: Monique Bolmont Installation and routing Francis Bothner Management: Bernard J Magazine digest Mislin How Do You the matching circuit?

Mother-child interaction, experience in the maternal Journal of regional training is Vescemont 90, September 1982 The scientific awakening free Text To create a reading file in your PC To concerted demystification of the computer at school poems for all, death How digest J Magazine> Print
In: The Educator CEL For teachers review in January 1950 – What do not we do for our children!

If only goodwill fathers, you dare to realize your downline what the farmer for his cattle, the farmer for the trees, the industrialist for its machines, the breeder for his purebreds, that cloud would apart! When the farmer increases his livestock, he naturally adds a wing to his stable, and which wing! flooded with light and air, with running water and driving force, hygiene guaranteed by the regular control of the State also subsidizes the necessary modernization work.

What do you have such concern for our children’s schools and do you require effective monitoring for the 1950 school children have finally healthy and comfortable installations for cows and horses! When the grower wants to plant his orchard, he smashes it and especially smoke takes off over the meadows and fields. It does not pile up a hundred or fifty trees there only can live.

It will clear the adjacent field and make his rational and productive plantation, you accept, you, we piled hundred children in premises for fifty that skimp on the elementary work to enable them to grow and live in efficiency and humanity. You know horses and breeds require to assert their qualities, residential conditions, food, cleanliness and exercise without which no subject would provide maximum agility and elegance.

Your children, who are the inventors and builders of tomorrow, they are not worthy of equal attention? You will object that the spacious premises, the generous space around the cities are busy with factories and shops where you settled in conditions of convenience and luxury technical improvements that make rightly admiration.

To live and shape the man who will lead tomorrow and will master this bold technique, there remains only the bare during the cold shadow of the factories and the medieval schools repressed as poor parents, away from the favored centers. – What do not we do for our children! While rising voices that claim, for the great work of education, hygiene and sanitation planned for the factory stores, respect animals and fertile orchards! Whether organize your investigation commissions parents, educators, parliamentarians who objectively study the needs of the people for schools in the year 1950 the child has the respect we reserve for the benefit, to the luxury animal, the producer shaft.

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